What I Wore | Springy Blue

These past two days have been so nice in Ohio – the sun is shining and it feels so refreshing outside! I’ve been holding on to these blue Theory pants for warmer weather and the wait had to end today! I can’t wait to pull out more of my spring clothes from storage and pair these with lighter top layers and playful sandals!

White I Wore | Spring BlueAnd who doesn’t love a beautiful quote to add to the spring vibe!




Creative Closet Organization

Spring is in the air and with it comes the motivation to revamp and reorganize all the little corners of your abode. Last week, we blogged about realistic closets for the average home that are as chic and functionable as those you see on the pages of Elle Decor and Pinterest, just pared down for those of us not living in 10,000 sq. ft. 😉

This post is an extension of said Inspiration | Closets post. Currently, I live in an a quaint 1950’s ranch that I adore; however, what I don’t adore is the lack of closet space! So, I had to get creative and essentially install a wall closet unit in the room I use as my office. I like to refer to it as my ‘cloffice’. Beyond needing space to hang just my clothes, I needed areas to keep my sweaters, jewelry and scarves. What’s a girl to do?! Get creative, that’s what!


In the images below you can see I’ve taken a three-pronged hook I purchased at Anthropologie about 2 years ago with the intention to use it in my bathroom to hang towels. Well, that never happened and I didn’t use the hook until we moved into this house and boom! Instant jewelry holder that kind of doubles as wall art ( okay, maybe only in my mind ).

Then, I cleared off the shelf of our office filing cabinet (which actually does hold office supplies and files in the drawer part) to stack and store my sweaters. Disclaimer: this piece is no longer sold with a shelf and drawer option, only one or the other. The rest of my un-hangable jewelry is kept in several pretty dishes on top of the cabinet. That cabinet is really working overtime!

Finally, I use woven baskets to keep scarves bundled and out of the way. You could also keep small bags or clutches in a basket like this if you have a similar closet situation. I have a few other space-maximizing ideas to be implemented, so stay tuned!


Also, remember closet organization is part of every closet audit! We understand that being able to see your clothes and access them easily is just as important as having the right pieces in your wardrobe to work with!

xo – P&F

What I Wore | Sweater Weather

It’s been one heck of a chilly winter here in the Midwest! We are beyond ready for spring and it’s happier hues, lighter layers, and sunny days! Hopefully we are headed towards some consistent warmer weather, but until then we must continue to play with our winter wardrobe!

Here’s a look that I put together for work last week. I loooove my peter pan collar blouse as it lives nicely on its own but is the perfect layering piece to jazz up a look! This blouse/sweater combination can easily make the transition to a night out or weekend errands by switching the tights and skirt for a pair of skinny jeans that hit nicely at the ankle and booties instead of heels!



Inspiration | Closets

Many of us will most likely never have a Kardashian style and sized closet, but you can still have a gorgeous, functional closet within your own standards.

Magazines and Pinterest are filled with massive, covetable closets that are essentially rooms within themselves. However, for the great majority, a closet like that is not reality, nor will it ever be. And using those closets for your own inspiration tends to fall short because it’s difficult to mock the setup of a room that is formatted around custom built-ins. 

Lucky for you, I pulled together a few closets that are beautifully organized, functional and for the most part, within reach to curate in an average size home.


Happy Tuesday!


P&F Oscar Faves

What a whirlwind red carpet season it has been! I must say, last night was not the best red carpet we’ve seen, but there were a handful of great looks. Here are our top 5 faves – Honorable Mentions, not pictured: Charlize Theron, Camilla Alves and Sandra Bullock.


Kate’s (L-R): Kate Hudson, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Kevin Spacey.

Steph’s (L-R): Naomi Watts, Lupita Nyong’o, Emma Watson, Sally Hawkins and Jason Sudeikis


Style Spotlight | Mary Ernst McColgan

This Friday, our Style Spotlight features the adorable Mary Ernst McColgan, owner of the equally adorable Rose Bredl shop located in the Short North.

Mary’s style has a preppy-earthy vibe to it that we love. It completely suits her sunny personality and life that consists of running the day-to-day of her flower & garden shop in town, while simultaneously curating floral arrangements for many high end weddings and events. Mary has this uncanny ability to look absolutely perfect in an outfit consisting of a pair of her husbands old jeans rolled at the ankle with a slightly baggy cable knit sweater with a smidge of ruffled blouse peeking out from underneath and some fantastic broken in loafers. She truly encapsulates the vibe we all try to pull off – effortlessly casual, yet completely put together. And it’s totally her. She rocks her style with her own personal branded spin on current trends. That’s why we adore her and why she is this week’s Style Spotlight!

Check out a few questions Mary took the time to answer for us and peruse a few examples of her style.



1) Describe your style in 5 words: 

Preppy mixed with boyish hints. A dash of classic feminine detailing for an overall natural authentic feel.

2) Who is your style icon and why?
Audrey Hepburn – classic, natural style. That is so timeless and original.

3) What necessary luxury can you not live without?

My Rolex watch

4) What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe and how to you why?

My canvas Facconable jacket. The fabric is incredible and is perfect paired with a great pair of denim and flats!

5) When gardening, what is a key accessory you swear by?

Bludestone boots, they’re made in Australia.




Happy Friday!!!




What I Wore | Animal Print Done Right

Animal print is so prevalent these days it’s beginning to become this fantastic printed neutral! Which who doesn’t love a great print to jazz up a basic look?

However, in my opinion, there is a way to wear animal print that is, um, how do I say this politely, not like anyone on Jersey Shore. Okay, great, you got the visual. That is exactly how I recommend you don’t wear animal print. Why be tacky when you can rock animal print classically?

Yesterday, I paired a muted animal print shift dress I got at J.Crew two years ago with a white honeycomb sweater over it with a necklace that had just enough weight to pop. Then, threw my favorite tan tweed blazer over that. Added black ribbed tights ( it was 20 degrees yesterday, people) and black heels and I was out the door.


Layering sweaters or long sleeve tees over dresses is one of my very favorite ways of maximizing my wardrobe options. Of course, it’s much easier to do with more basic dresses. Though, after styling my animal print shift into a more creative look I’m inspired to rethink my other printed dresses to extend their wear outside of ‘just a dress.’ I’ll keep you posted 😉

Fully Polished Closet Audit Preview | Jamie and Chris

Last week we worked with two amazing clients, Jamie and Chris! Each had different goals for their Fully Polished Closet Audit and we had so much fun helping them make fashion feel more accessible in their day-to-day! Here’s a sneak peak of their audits!

Jamie: new mommy to a handsome little man who has lost the baby weight and is ready to re-imagine her wardrobe for her lifestyle as a working mom. We cleared out a lot of items that dated back to high school and created some amazing looks for her to start wearing right away!


Chris: a personal trainer, mom to two adorable little ones, needed some help clearing out her closet and organizing it in a way that made picking looks easy and seamless. Chris had an array of amazing pieces to work with, we just needed to remove some items that she had held onto from her corporate days and make dressing for her current lifestyle easy to navigate!


Interested in your own audit or wardrobe consult? Check out our services page and contact us today to setup an appointment!!


What I Wore | Playing with Textures

Seeing that it’s Fashion Week in New York, I’m pretending that if I were there I would totally be wearing this outfit. I know it’s not super dramatic or a far stretch from what I typically wear, but I love the idea of playing with textures – leather, fur, and suede. I’m sure if I was trying to be spotted at Lincoln Center I’d edit it slightly to include much more dramatic jewelry and probably a leather pant, but I’m at work so proper slacks are a must and bangles get annoying!


This fur vest was a STEAL from T.J.Maxx forever ago and the shoes were a gift from my mother after begging her to borrow them from her closet – loving the suede and cutout detail making it a transitional shoe for the Spring (whenever it gets here!!). Not to mention my go-to slack from J.Crew and this leather detailed blouse. This outfit is totally work appropriate but can transition to night with jeans or a skirt and tights!

Happy Fashion Week!