Creative Closet Organization

Spring is in the air and with it comes the motivation to revamp and reorganize all the little corners of your abode. Last week, we blogged about realistic closets for the average home that are as chic and functionable as those you see on the pages of Elle Decor and Pinterest, just pared down for those of us not living in 10,000 sq. ft. 😉

This post is an extension of said Inspiration | Closets post. Currently, I live in an a quaint 1950’s ranch that I adore; however, what I don’t adore is the lack of closet space! So, I had to get creative and essentially install a wall closet unit in the room I use as my office. I like to refer to it as my ‘cloffice’. Beyond needing space to hang just my clothes, I needed areas to keep my sweaters, jewelry and scarves. What’s a girl to do?! Get creative, that’s what!


In the images below you can see I’ve taken a three-pronged hook I purchased at Anthropologie about 2 years ago with the intention to use it in my bathroom to hang towels. Well, that never happened and I didn’t use the hook until we moved into this house and boom! Instant jewelry holder that kind of doubles as wall art ( okay, maybe only in my mind ).

Then, I cleared off the shelf of our office filing cabinet (which actually does hold office supplies and files in the drawer part) to stack and store my sweaters. Disclaimer: this piece is no longer sold with a shelf and drawer option, only one or the other. The rest of my un-hangable jewelry is kept in several pretty dishes on top of the cabinet. That cabinet is really working overtime!

Finally, I use woven baskets to keep scarves bundled and out of the way. You could also keep small bags or clutches in a basket like this if you have a similar closet situation. I have a few other space-maximizing ideas to be implemented, so stay tuned!


Also, remember closet organization is part of every closet audit! We understand that being able to see your clothes and access them easily is just as important as having the right pieces in your wardrobe to work with!

xo – P&F


Inspiration | Closets

Many of us will most likely never have a Kardashian style and sized closet, but you can still have a gorgeous, functional closet within your own standards.

Magazines and Pinterest are filled with massive, covetable closets that are essentially rooms within themselves. However, for the great majority, a closet like that is not reality, nor will it ever be. And using those closets for your own inspiration tends to fall short because it’s difficult to mock the setup of a room that is formatted around custom built-ins. 

Lucky for you, I pulled together a few closets that are beautifully organized, functional and for the most part, within reach to curate in an average size home.


Happy Tuesday!


Valentine’s Day | Under $100 Gift Guide

You don’t have to break the bank to show a little love to your S.O. Check out a few of our favorite items that are thoughtful in gesture & kind on the budget:


For Him: 1) Henri Bendel Firewood Candle, $30; Henri Bendel 2) Harry’s Engraved Winston Set, $40; Harry’s 3) Smathers & Branson ‘Got Rum’ Key Fob, $28.50; Smathers & Branson 4) The Whiskey Lover Set, $60; AHAlife 5) Ohio Gameday Hat, $25; State Traditions

For Her: 1) TOCCA Perfumes (our faves are Colette & Margaux), $68; TOCCA 2) Gold Heart iPhone Case, $22; Field Trip/Etsy 3) Our Q&A a Day, $17; Anthropologie 4) Malindi Cuff, $48; Anthropologie 5) You can’t go wrong with flowers! Rose Bredl is a local favorite of ours (prices vary)

 For more great gifts check out our full list of ideas on Pinterest!! And don’t forget to follow us for everything from great quotes to our favorite style moments!

Happy Love Day Shopping!


Diane Kruger | Style Moments

Diane Kruger embodies style. What we love about Diane is that you never know how you’re going to see her: sometimes sophisticated, sometimes sexy. Sometimes casual chic, others, a little retro.

However she decides to dress it up it’s always all her own. Completely effortless and elegant. Yes, even when she’s casually dressed in boyfriend jeans and a long blazer, she radiates elegance. For that, we would hate her, but why hate when you can adore?

Here’s a few of our favorite Diane Kruger style moments.



Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

xo, P&F

What I Wore | Idea to Execution

Waking up for a client meeting without a clue what to wear is never a way to start a morning. Lucky for us there are a surplus of blogs and Pinterest to inspire us! Last week I found myself in the same predicament but was able to pull something chic and sophisticated together based on a year old pin and some staple pieces in my closet!


Inspiration via Classy in the city
Execution: Simple slim black pant – a staple for the working girl (J.Crew is our fave!), Cardigans and button up blouses offer a great layering opportunity, and a bit of personality is brought through with accessories (jeweled necklace and leopard print heels)

Winter Vacation Inspiration

The endless snow here in Ohio has us dreaming of a long weekend somewhere where laying pool or beach side is the only viable option. That’s why we’re obsessing over these amaze cover ups that look fantastic by the water and even better doubled as a chic shopping or tapas date ensemble on the sandy, sun-soaked streets of your vacation destination. We love maximizing our options 😉

From left to right: 9seed, Mara Hoffman, Theodora & Callum and Milly. All available via ShopBop.


Style Spotlight :: Liz Damceski

Twice a month we’d like to introduce you to some of the fashionistas in our lives that inspire us through their individualized approach to personal style.

To kick it off, please meet Liz Damceski 🙂 Liz always looks effortlessly polished and ladylike – like our very own modern day Audrey Hepburn here in Columbus!


Here are a few things to know abut Liz…

1. Describe your style in 5 words:
Classic, Feminine, Chic, Effortless, and Polished

 2.  Who is your style icon and why?
Audrey Hepburn- she is a classic beauty whose style resonates through the years. I realized that natural beauty and simple dressing is much better than following trends

3.  What accessory can you not live without?
My engagement ring and wedding band – they go with everything 🙂

4.  What’s your favorite trend of the season and how have you been wearing it?
Peter Pan Collars: soft, feminine collars worn with the J.Crew Minnie pant and ballet flats
Bold Floral Patterns:  worn with a crisp white collared shirt and ladylike leopard flats

5.  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where and when would you go?
Paris! Hopefully very soon…Love, Chanel, and Macaroons!