Fully Polished Closet Audit | $275

Our Mission: To provide education and inspiration to evolve your personal style. Think of this package as everything.

Includes: closet shop, outfit coordination, organization + look book complete with closet shopped outfit coordinations & suggested add-ons.


A Bit of Flair Wardrobe Consult | $175

Our Mission: To provide guidance and advice for specific events. You don’t need the whole kit and caboodle of a closet audit, but you still need some assistance for those hard to dress for occasions. This package is for you.

Includes: closet shop + mini look book


Personal Shopping | $100 ( for 3 hours, applies to shopping time only)

Our Mission: We strive to make achieving great style easy and convenient for your busy life. We do the legwork, you try on your newly shopped options.

Includes: consult, closet shop + shopping


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