Fully Polished Closet Audit Preview | Jamie and Chris

Last week we worked with two amazing clients, Jamie and Chris! Each had different goals for their Fully Polished Closet Audit and we had so much fun helping them make fashion feel more accessible in their day-to-day! Here’s a sneak peak of their audits!

Jamie: new mommy to a handsome little man who has lost the baby weight and is ready to re-imagine her wardrobe for her lifestyle as a working mom. We cleared out a lot of items that dated back to high school and created some amazing looks for her to start wearing right away!


Chris: a personal trainer, mom to two adorable little ones, needed some help clearing out her closet and organizing it in a way that made picking looks easy and seamless. Chris had an array of amazing pieces to work with, we just needed to remove some items that she had held onto from her corporate days and make dressing for her current lifestyle easy to navigate!


Interested in your own audit or wardrobe consult? Check out our services page and contact us today to setup an appointment!!



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