Style Spotlight | Mary Ernst McColgan

This Friday, our Style Spotlight features the adorable Mary Ernst McColgan, owner of the equally adorable Rose Bredl shop located in the Short North.

Mary’s style has a preppy-earthy vibe to it that we love. It completely suits her sunny personality and life that consists of running the day-to-day of her flower & garden shop in town, while simultaneously curating floral arrangements for many high end weddings and events. Mary has this uncanny ability to look absolutely perfect in an outfit consisting of a pair of her husbands old jeans rolled at the ankle with a slightly baggy cable knit sweater with a smidge of ruffled blouse peeking out from underneath and some fantastic broken in loafers. She truly encapsulates the vibe we all try to pull off – effortlessly casual, yet completely put together. And it’s totally her. She rocks her style with her own personal branded spin on current trends. That’s why we adore her and why she is this week’s Style Spotlight!

Check out a few questions Mary took the time to answer for us and peruse a few examples of her style.



1) Describe your style in 5 words: 

Preppy mixed with boyish hints. A dash of classic feminine detailing for an overall natural authentic feel.

2) Who is your style icon and why?
Audrey Hepburn – classic, natural style. That is so timeless and original.

3) What necessary luxury can you not live without?

My Rolex watch

4) What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe and how to you why?

My canvas Facconable jacket. The fabric is incredible and is perfect paired with a great pair of denim and flats!

5) When gardening, what is a key accessory you swear by?

Bludestone boots, they’re made in Australia.




Happy Friday!!!




Style Spotlight :: Cori Imbrigiotta

Cori is THE sweetest lil’ Italian you will ever meet! I (Stephanie) got the pleasure of rooming with Cori in college at The Ohio State University and it was love at first sight! She has always inspired me with her fearless sense of style and her accomplishments with her boutique in Chagrin Falls, Ohio – Haven Style House (HSH) – which she owns with her friend Anne Rutter.

About Haven Style House – in the words of Cori:
To put it simply, Haven Style House (HSH) was created with the intent to help women achieve a personal style that speaks to who they are at any given moment.  We are at a point where women no longer have uniforms. They can play with their style and it evolves as they do. HSH is a destination for women looking for clothing, jewelry, handbags, cosmetics and most importantly style sounding boards.  

 Anne & I really work to create a place that we as shoppers would need to make apart of our lives.
StyleSpotlight_CoriIHere are a few more things you should know about Cori and HSH:
1. Describe your style in 5 words
Streamlined, Modern, Fearless, Classic, Telling

2. Who is your style icon and why? 

I have a ton of style icon’s.  Every style icon I have (men and women alike) have one thing in common – they all have a strong sense of self which is reflected in their style. My modern day icon would hands down be Blake Lively.  She is never just one thing – she’s bold and feminine, effortless and polished.

3. What accessory can you not live without?

My tag necklaces (shown above). One says HAVEN and the other has our tagline “STYLE MADE SIMPLE.”  They were created by a jewelry designer we work with and given to me by my partner, Anne, right before we opened.

4. What is your favorite trend of the Fall season and how have you been wearing it?

I love the leather (or faux leather) trend. Obviously it’s not a new trend but I still love it. At the store we are working that trend. We brought in everything from a dress to a vest (shown above) to a circle skirt and a pant.  I also love head-to-toe white.  I don’t think there is anything prettier.

5. What is your vision for the future of Haven?

In the six months that we have been open we have already changed so much. It makes us so excited for what the future holds. I think we can attribute that to time but more importantly to our customers. We have had the privilege of meeting some pretty kick-ass women who have inspired us.  We never want that to end!  Our hope for the future is to naturally grow and expand, to meet more amazing women and to continue to bring our fellow style-obsessed women the best of modern fashion. 

Style Spotlight :: Sara Criss

Sara Criss is a childhood friend of Kate’s. After graduating from Johnson and Wales in 2008 Sara moved to NYC to pursue her career in advertising. Currently, Sara is an Account Manager on the Macy’s account at J. Walter Thompson. Being involved with such a large account has its perks – like several meetings and shoots with Clinton Kelly, Justin Bieber, etc etc. – WE DIE! Sara has always had an eye for effortlessly mixing current trends with classic pieces. She always looks adorable, fun and pulled together, and that’s why we wanted to feature her this week!

Sara CrissHere are a few more things you should know about Sara:

1. Describe your style in 5 words
Sparkly, Feminine, Trendy, Bohemian (occasionally), Polished

2. Who is your style icon and why?
Jenna Lyons – classic style but applies trends to basics in a way that is completely unexpected and fresh. Allows for high/low outfits anyone can put together and makes fashion accessible.

3. What accessory can you not live without ( you can send a picture)
My green reflective Ray-Ban’s! Probably haven’t gone one day this summer without them! They add a little something to every outfit and I can’t walk down the street without someone complimenting them!

Also super into bohemian headbands and updo looks. I picked up a gorgeous jeweled one when I was in India and it sat in a drawer for a year. Sad it took me that long to figure out how great it is – especially on those days you don’t know what to do with your hair and in a rush!

4. What’s your favorite trend of the season and how have you been wearing it?
Maxis! As a short girl – 5’1 – they have pretty much been something I try to stay away from. This year the fabrics and cuts are so flattering and well, I’ve basically purchased them in every color (just wear a healthy heel)! With a basic tank or t-shirt, structured blazer or leather jacket – even a chunky cropped sweater for the day – I die. Flowy and feminine. My favorite is this canary yellow one (seen above) from Zara! I have loved mixing and matching different accessories with and it is definitely a trend I have maxed out on this summer – no pun intended 😉

5. Where’s your favorite place to shop in NYC? Favorite place to eat?
Wink! – an adorable boutique chain here for when I want to splurge – clothing or accessories! That said, I go against all the fashion rules and would rather buy a full sequins dress than a blazer I’ll wear for multiple seasons. To compensate, I try to  purchase my more trendy pieces from Topshop and Zara – decent quality but not too much of a financial investment!

My favorite place to eat!? There are so many! Most recently I have added UVA to the rotation! Cute and cozy. Amazing black truffle pasta and extensive wine selection! Yum!

Style Spotlight :: Cassidy Short

This weeks Style Spotlight is on Cassidy Short.  Just over a year ago Cassidy embarked on what many of us would think is impossible – no shopping for a year! She documented her experience through blogging via No Rebecca for a Year, showcasing what a life without shopping looks like and how to make use of the staples in her closet. Now that she is (thankfully and successfully) through that experience, she has decided to continue to utilize blogging as a creative outlet. With her just launched blog Heart of Gold + Glitter, Cassidy hopes to showcase aspects that embody her and her passions – fashion and philanthropy! We look forward to learning about brands that give back and observing Cassidy’s chic fashion choices along the way!


Here are a few more tid-bits about Cassidy…

1. Describe your style in 5 words:
Chic, Feminine, Androgynous, Sophisticated,Versatile

2.  Who is your style icon and why?
Alicia Lund of the blog Cheetah is the New Black – she balances fashion forward style with everyday wear to perfection!

3.  What accessory can you not live without?
Always – a great handbag. But if I had to choose one piece it would be the sapphire ring (pictured above) from my mother. My dad gave it to her in the 80’s and she recently passed it down to me. I’m currently crushing on gold and sapphires because of it!

4. What’s your favorite trend of the season and how have you been wearing it?
Minimalist Jewelry: smaller, simpler statements that I can wear every day. I recently bought some earrings from Eva Dueñas Etsy Shop, Sew A Song. I love their versatility!

5. What is your favorite fashion brand that gives back?
FEED, I love the way they take something so simple and understated like burlap, and make it chic and fashionable. In the fall I was selected to be part of a pilot program for the brand, coming up with creative ways to build awareness. One of the events included hosting friends for a fun night of bubbly and apps, each bringing canned goods for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. I donated over 200 lbs and couldn’t be happier for all my friends help and support!!

Style Spotlight :: Liz Damceski

Twice a month we’d like to introduce you to some of the fashionistas in our lives that inspire us through their individualized approach to personal style.

To kick it off, please meet Liz Damceski 🙂 Liz always looks effortlessly polished and ladylike – like our very own modern day Audrey Hepburn here in Columbus!


Here are a few things to know abut Liz…

1. Describe your style in 5 words:
Classic, Feminine, Chic, Effortless, and Polished

 2.  Who is your style icon and why?
Audrey Hepburn- she is a classic beauty whose style resonates through the years. I realized that natural beauty and simple dressing is much better than following trends

3.  What accessory can you not live without?
My engagement ring and wedding band – they go with everything 🙂

4.  What’s your favorite trend of the season and how have you been wearing it?
Peter Pan Collars: soft, feminine collars worn with the J.Crew Minnie pant and ballet flats
Bold Floral Patterns:  worn with a crisp white collared shirt and ladylike leopard flats

5.  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where and when would you go?
Paris! Hopefully very soon…Love, Chanel, and Macaroons!