About Us

Polish & Flair was born from my desire to inspire people to identify their true style and how to pull it all together for a classic, modern look. Jackie Onassis is my personal style icon. Her style transcended her wardrobe; she embodied grace, class and sophistication. She always looked sleek and timeless – the way everyone deserves to look.

The term “style” is often used very loosely.  Mimicking an outfit straight from the mannequin or acquiring a new wardrobe every time trends change is not style, that’s fashion. Style is understanding what truly looks amazing on your body and capitalizing on those elements. Style is effortless when it’s your own.

To some, it may seem superficial and not worth the time, but let me assure you that the way you present yourself sends an instant message about how you feel about yourself and how you want to be received. So, jump off the trend bandwagon and get real about what your clothes are saying about you. This is your life, dress for it!

Together we can define your style and create a wardrobe that is both attainable and maintainable. Most importantly, you will love the way you look!


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