What I Wore | Manic Monday Edition

Phew! It’s a miracle I made it to work this morning! I swear, even with the best laid plans – laying out outfit and making lunch the night before – things still go awry! I blame Mondays, straight up. Whether it’s oversleeping my alarm, spilling my coffee all over the kitchen counter, or the dog having an accident in the hall that I now have to clean up, there’s just something about this day that ensures I will not be on time to save my life.

Thankfully for laying my outfit out last night, getting dressed was the easiest part of my morning while I ran around trying to put the rest of the pieces of my life together. However, because I was running so late I didn’t even think about snapping a few pics of my look for the P&F post today. Thus, why you are so lucky to have the stunning view of my office’s restroom as the backdrop for today’s post.


All jokes aside, when you’re dressed in sleek look like the mauve colored blouse pictured (with that great neckline cutout!!) and a great pair of pants (those navy J.Crew Minnie pictured are a fav) and classic heels, no one would ever guess how frazzled you’ve been for the past 45 minutes because you look completely pulled together and ready to take on the day. Proof that how you present yourself to the world speaks before you can (All that other stuff can be our little secret 😉 ).


Happy Manic Monday!

xo P&F


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